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Consulting and control Konstantin Sorokin. 18 years of experience as Chief Architect and CEO of a company in low-rise construction. Started his construction career in 1983. The first 2 houses were designed and built in 1990-92.

In 2018 graduated MGSU master course with a degree as Chief Architect.

Construction Control

Any construction project contains 4 basic parameters determined by the customer, even if the customer did not quite accurately formulate them. And too often, before executing elementary quality control of production, it is necessary to find out the level of these parameters or develop a technical task for the supervisor. These are:

1 - GOAL. That is what output we have to get? Feasibility of a plan and sequence of work. Compliance of the construction procedures with the tasks and functionality determined by the client. Check if everything has been taken into account by the architect - where the water flows, snow accumulations on the roof, cold piercings, parking comfortability.

2 - COST. Compliance of materials and their quantity with specifications of drawings, the possibility to simplify and reduce the cost of production technologies without compromising quality.

3 - TIME. How important is the timing of the work for the customer? Compliance of the capabilities of the general contractor and subcontractors with the time frames specified by the contract or the customer. And, of course, availability, feasibility and compliance with the realities of the schedule.

4 - QUALITY. Routine quality checks of the materials used, verticals, contours, heights, lengths and widths, diagonals, layer thickness and their adhesion (dressing). Sometimes it also includes safety checks for work safety (HSE), both for workers and environment.

Frequently construction is conducted with minimal documentation, or without any documentation at all. In this case, we offer a service for organizing construction processes in accordance with the construction management methodology. Checking the design documentation for compliance with the project goal. To manage time, resources and cost, we create a detailed work plan WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). List of materials should be extracted from the plan. Then we organize project administration and timely QA / QC (Quality Assurance / Quality Control).


RUB 7,500 for an exit up to 30 km. from Krasnogorsk

Consultancy on any issues related to architecture and construction of low-rise buildings

List and sequence of work. Bill of materials.

240 RUB for 1 m2 of building area up to 200 m2

List and sequence of work. Bill of materials.

RUB 180 per 1 m2 of building area over 200 m2