People work and settle in different climatic zones and on different soils: permafrost, swamps, deserts. With the development of transport links both in Russia and around the world, people are settling in hard-to-reach regions. And of course everyone wants a his new house today, at most tomorrow. The usual solution is a framework or a modular. Timber frame houses have  several disadvantages: flammability, fragility of the structure, seams between the racks and the insulation - heat loss, the complexity of construction. For modular houses, these are: limited space, bulkiness - difficulty in delivery, cold bridges inside the walls.

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The Metal Frame Dwelling is devoid of all these disadvantages. Frames of walls, floors, ceilings are manufactured at the factory as separate or composite elements, convenient for delivery and installation, so that a crane truck will deliver such a set to almost any place. The spatial rigidity of the structure makes it possible to place it without a foundation on any soil. Modular technology allows the production of buildings of the same type in different lengths and areas. Such a house is assembled in a few days, along with finishing and communications. Seamless insulation makes such a house as energy efficient as possible. The quality of assembly and insulation is easily controlled by the client. Non-flammability, interior space without restrictions and durability complete the list of preferences in comparison with modular and wooden  frame.

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The client chooses from a range of house variations like a car: in shape, options and size.

Simplicity and speed of assembly, easiness of installation of communications and finishing works.

Easily transportable compared to modular houses.

Can be assembled anywhere and even in winter with high quality.

Construction and finishing made of non-combustible materials + seamless insulation.