The market demand for a low-rise building?


  • In 2018, 230 thousand individual households were registered in Russia.

  • In 2018, there are more than 300 thousand in Germany. In England for 17-18 years were 240 thousand.

  • After the 2020 crisis, the demand for private housing skyrocketed worldwide.

  • According to the Wall Street Journal of 15.04.21, the shortage of individual housing in the US market reaches 3.8 million units.


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Problems and solutions. 

  • The first appeared long ago and was aggravated by the crisis of 2007-9, when builders were left without work and changed their profession. This is a shortage of qualified personnel, both builders and architects.

  • The second is the coronavirus pandemic, which showed how people have become dependent on each other, not only economically, but also at the level of the general ecological environment. On the one hand, an increase in the production and consumption of immunity harming junk food; on the other hand, accelerating urbanization will increase the risk of recurrence of such pandemics. One of the solutions will be de-urbanization and the growth of low-rise construction.

  • But growth will require modern organizational and control tools, one of which is Sagoma.  The use of Sagoma will eliminate the incompetence of architects and contractors; to reduce the cost and speed up the construction and at the same time to improve the quality.

Investor benefits. 

  • Creation of a highly profitable company with profit generation from 3 departments: architecture, procurement, construction and a modern management system, which will make it possible to operate on the international market, where such services are in great demand.

  • The public and social image of the organization that has created a  convenient and understandable building program for consumers, displaced bunglers and dabblers and set the quality bar for other market players.

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Benefits for the industry and the country

  • Sagoma is built on the methodology of construction project management and BIM technology, therefore, its use at the level of small enterprises and self-employed will increase the level of knowledge of project management among architects and builders, and, consequently, Russia's competitiveness in the world market.

  • The use of Sagoma will make transparent lending by banks to private developers in any regions, since all financial and production information is created in an accessible display for a layman.

  • The simplicity of information presentation will allow attracting students of construction universities, which will give them practice for both architects and construction managers in the creation of drawing and project documentation, implementation of field supervision and project management.

  • Creation of remote workplaces for architects and the development of small companies in the regions, which fully corresponds to modern trends in the development of innovative companies and work in a pandemic.

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