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Sagoma was developed on the basis of leading up-to-date informational technologies as the tool which helps customers to find their own needs in variaty of different construction technologies and select best solutions thanks to concise and clearly represented information. After choosing construction materials and technologies client gets: 3D modeling designs composed of detailed colourful pictures, work plan which is detailed assembly instruction with precisely calculated materials and worksm description of works that have to be done and monitoring plan. Such full package of documentation accomplished in clear manner allows customer to thoroughly control expences and quality without turning to proficient superviser. Just enough to compare plans and specs with execution in nature.

Which way we design brick and block houses

1. Client choose the building shape (exterior, floor plans)from our catalogue or your own pictures from any other source.

2. We figure out characteristics that define critical points of structure: climate zone, ground geology, exterior decoration, thermal shell, cost limitations.

3. Accordingly your wishes and our recommendations we select the best suited elements.

4. Client confirms and pay in prepayment for draft designs.

5. Architect prepare floor plans. After confirmation elaborate set of draft designs.

6. After getting and checking draft designs set customer orders full set of design documentation which includes work drawings.

7. Together with elaboration of design documentation you can order other project documentation accordingly which unfolds construction processes: assembly plan (WBS), procurement list, monitoring plan, work description.  



Benefits of SAGOMA system customers

1. Purpose. Client can choose any structure and materials before designing accordingly his own goals: cost, energy efficacy, characteristics of maintenance.

2. Cost. Every building element has the price. Customer select the best suited from the range with similar characteristics. Multiplying by footage of building he gets routhly full cost. Reduction of design cost regarding classical drawings because of time saving. Reduction of construction cost thanks to thorough plan and accurate assembly instructions with 3D pictures; of procurement thanks to full list of expended materials; of control because of clear 3D pictures and concise description of processes, what in turn allow to supervise even to non proficient; of maintenance  because of utilization approved construction solutions and step by step monitoring plan what in turn gives high assemble quality.  

3. Time. Thanks to ready-made material joints architect produce designs faster and together with them generate all parameters for calculations. Contructor gets detailed work plan (WBS) and accurate assembly instruction what removes questions to architect (RFI) the main source of time losses on site.

4. Quality. Architect use ready-made templates of joints what avoids mistakes, doesn't put excessive reliability in designs what always raises costs. Construction processes and control carry out accordingly ready-made plans what too avoids mistakes.

Проект реконструкции дома 300 - 1
Проект кирпичного дома 390 - 2
Проект двухэтажного кирпичного дома 310
4. Проект дуплекса 285 м2
1. Проект дома модерн 258 м2.
Проект дома из газосиликата 310 м2
Проект дома из газосиликата 310 м2 в Звенигороде. 2 этажа, монолитный фундамент лента h=1,7 м, перекрытия пустотные плиты, высокий чердак, бассейн 3х6, большое патио на входе.
Кирпичный дом 800 м2 рядом с Глухово
Кирпичный дом 800 м2 с вставками из лиственнцы d 400-500 мм и баней 70 м2 на участке 72 сотки с ландшафтным дизайном.
Кирпичный дом - СПА 230 Юрьево
Строительство кирпичного дома под ключ. Отделный дом - СПА зона с бассейном и баней, зал 80 м2 для праздников вне главного дома.
Кирпичный дом в Истре 850 м2
Строительство кирпичного дома 850 м2 с бане 60 м2, гостевым домом 100 м2, бассейном на участке 0,5 га с полным ландшафтным дизайном.
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Our mission

Covid-19 pandemia exposed interdependence of humanity both in the field of production and consumption and in the field of ecology and health. On the one hand never-ending growth of production and consumption of junk food which harm health and cause detriment to immunity, from other hand accelerating urbanization will increase rehearsal of such situation with pandemic diseases.

Solution is both simple and complicated – society has to stop urbanization. By the way such process takes place in Europe. In Russia it will require significant efforts: remarkable  increase of low-rise construction, relocation of people in suburban and villages, exponential growth of transport system. But it will bring vital benefits – people will begin to turn back to soil and lifestyle of ancestors that would improve their lives emotionally and physiologically. Substantial growth of low-rise construction will require up-to-date tools of management and control which suggests Sagoma System and that will allow this kind of construction to become more economical and qualitative and widely available.