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We are constant in pursuance of the best quality of our services in the field of construction management. Construction is not just the word for us or mean of profit but our passion, the job delivering the satisfaction from it's correctly organized process and successfully completed goal.

Construction Project Management

Why Construction Management is the necessity on the site and what distinguishes it from supervising? Firstly it is the efficient systematization of entire building processes, that is definition for every work has to be done it’s exact place in lists of consequences and understanding all requests needed for accomplishment. Secondly it is distribution of duties and definition of the responsible for execution. And the most important is detailed description of project purpose in order that stakeholders would not have any divergence while reaching the goal. Hence we use Sagoma System program based on BIM technology which includes: approved samples of build joints, work consequence, assembly instructions. That in turn excludes any errors of architects and mistakes of contractors and comply present days standards of thermal efficacy and structural reliability. As a result customer has reduced cost of building due to time, material, work economy. Well thought-out design simplifies maintenance and cut down expenses of utilities.

Direction of Construction Works

Together with designing we offer to enterprises and private clients  service of arrangement of building processes accordingly PMBoK methodology. In the core of such direction allocates design documentation accomplished in BIM (Building Informational Modeling) program Sagoma System which helps to define purpose of project. To manage time, resources and cost we accompany project with detailed work plan (WBS – work breakdown structure). Then we arrange administering of project in order to establish quality parameters and control (QA/QC).

Chief of consulting department Sorokin K. V., Chief Architect and Director of SC Engineering since 2001. He began his career since 1983. In 1990-92 designed, built and sold his first 2 private houses. Master’s degree as Chief Architect 2018, established BIM modeling technology and Construction Management system in company since  2008.